Woes and Websites

Please, I truly don’t ever want to hear, from any individual or company, that building a website is an easy or beautiful process. It is not. It is never.

I have built many a website through the years, and with each of them I dive back into WordPress with giddy optimism, thinking I’ll have finally figured it out – that this time I’ll find the right theme and settings, and I’ll finally have it looking the way I’d like.
Lies. All lies.

Squarespace? Unintuitive and clunky. Wix? Cheap and limited. WordPress?

This stupid, basic, fairly ugly blog took me a rock solid 3.5 hours to figure out and set up to a point where I’m content with it in the hard glow of zero-readership. That does not include the actual information… That doesn’t include my portfolio, about me, links to other platforms or work that I’ve done in the past – that is just the basic, most fundamental structure of the site, which I’m still not pleased with. No images, no actual writing, nothing. Just a blank black background.

Alas, maybe one day I’ll like WordPress and Websites. Sorry dad.

I think I’ll always end with a color, so we all know it’s the end.

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