My three favorite songs discovered in the last month…

  1. Street by Street by Laufey.
  2. House of Woodcock, composed by Jonny Greenwood for the motion picture, The Phantom Thread.
  3. Tis’ Autumn by Nat King Cole.

Three different genres – alternative R&B, classical film score and jazz – for three different time periods and settings. Yet, these songs, written and composed across 79 years, all fit together nicely in my mind. They all bring with them a certain weight and beauty. They all bring with them a warmth.

Give each of them a listen, and pay attention to how they make you feel… The best word I can determine to describe this quintet is serene.

Listen to all of my September (2020) music discoveries here, and my much slimmer set of October (2020) discoveries here.

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