Dream state

The other day I was driving with my sister Kim. We were chatting with the back windows slightly open, but soon fell into a comfortable silence. The wind was filling the space just fine. “I feel like I’m not inside my head right now,” Kim said as she turned to me, glancing back at the road quickly. “Like I’m awake, but I don’t feel awake. You know what I mean?”
“Sure,” I said back, knowing exactly what she was talking about. “Like a dream state.” Her eyes widened. “That’s exactly what it’s like!” She shouted. “Is that a thing? Dream State?
I chuckled. “Yeah, it’s a thing.”

It’s definitely a thing. I seem to catch myself in a dream state more and more often. Simply drifting somewhere between awake and asleep, at the crossroads of dreariness and fog. I’ll be pouring a bowl of cereal or sitting on the couch when suddenly I become aware of how unaware I’ve been feeling. That sounds paradoxical, but so does jumbo shrimp.

Dream states are bizarre. Sometimes they take away from the enjoyment. But sometimes they seem to glaze over the unenjoyment too. It’s like looking through a piece of frosted glass. You can’t see anything as clearly – the good or the bad.

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