Color in poster design

It’s fascinating how color effects an image, design or visual. I wrote briefly about the idea of color and places a little while ago, and it’s something I think about often.
I really love finishing a design, laying in a set of colors, but then bringing that colored image into photoshop and playing with the hue, saturation and color balance.

I’m not always great at coming up with the final color palette in the first go, so I have the photoshop tools to help me figure it out.

These are the colors I laid in – what I started with. And who knows, maybe it’s what I’ll end with, but I wanted to play a little more…

I really like the feel of this desaturated one… but I think it may be a little too ‘sepia’ for the illustration style.

Maybe that orb is actually the moon.

There you go… Lot’s of options. We’ll see which one I end up leading with! Maybe none of them. Design is fun, especially with tools that make color theory much easier – even if sometimes I feel as though I’m cheating.

This poster is inspired by Lord of the Rings (featuring text from Lord of the Rings). I’m reading the Fellowship of the Ring for the first time right now, and really loving it. I don’t think I ever would have enjoyed reading them before this exact season of life. Reading LOTR feels like whittling a piece of wood next to the fire… It’s going to take a while, but it feels so tactile and warm beneath your fingers, and if you enjoy it, you’re able to get lost in it. I read about 70 pages today.

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