A work day at home

I spent the day working at my small round, white kitchen table, then the evening working on my couch. Different projects here and there – but the evening was dedicated entirely to posters and personal work (though I had not planned to work on personal poster projects for 5+ hours today).

I made another animation today! It was really fun to play around with the “squeeze” and “stretch” effect on the bun during its bounce – a key foundational aspect of 2D animation.

This week’s design challenge is a poster that incorporates an element made in a 3D software… I don’t like 3D software. I’m trying to figure out a way to blend an element of 3D with my normal 2D style, like seen in this sketch. The concept is a mailman in the 2D world very confused at this 3D package.


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  1. The animation made me smile 🙂

    I love the postman/3D concept. I hadn’t understood it until you explained – it looks like it’s just too heavy for him. I love the idea though of a 2D character confusedly holding or making sense of a 3D object- I think there’s a ton of scope there.

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