Picasso’s Letter

“Everybody has the same energy potential. The average person wastes his in a dozen little ways. I bring mine to bear on only one thing: my paintings, and everything is sacrificed to it – you and everyone else. Myself included.”

This is a quote from a letter Pablo Picasso wrote to a lover, discovered through this video about the daily routine of the artist.

It seems quite a dreary way to live, but effective. Isolating, but inspiring. Like so many things, there are positive things to glean and add to my own life, and things to leave behind.

It seems as if Picasso was the ultimate hustler.

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  1. Yes. This is good. It’s good commentary on how different each story is. When I look at some people and feel like they missed out on (or deprived themselves of) entire swaths of human experience, it makes me sad at first. But if they had we might not have any virtuosos and the legacy or works or art they leave behind. Each life contributes to the corporate human experience, and in sometimes more sacrificial ways than others. It’s a stark, poignant truth.


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