More posters

More design work today.
Really enjoying working on posters right now – going to take advantage of the excitement while it’s sticking around.

Bears’ loss and Precious poster

The Bears lost to the Saints in the first round of the playoffs today.
It was an extremely tough loss – cemented by injuries that benched three key defensive players and two offensive. Even if the Bears had won, they would have lost to the Packers next week, but it’s still a fairly brutal way to end the season… With only 3 points scored until an impossible grab by tight end Jimmy Graham in the final three seconds of the game. Final score, 21-9. Next week, the two dinosaurs, Drew Breese and Tom Brady, face off in their (potentially) final post-season appearance. It’ll be a fun game.

Anyway… here’s a poster I made.

Wild Days

Today, a group of protestors stormed the U.S. Capital building. I think it was genuinely the craziest thing I’ve ever seen in my life.

Instead of pondering and writing more on that… I’m just going to share some of the art I did today.

Goodnight all…

Pear Poster

Today (Christmas) I drew a picture of a pear while sitting at the kitchen table drinking coffee with two of my siblings.

Then, later in the day, I watched my class of the day. It was on poster design, so I decided to throw together a quick poster.

I’m going to make it better.

Project 52, week 9

Me and two friends are still doing a weekly poster design challenge. Every Sunday, we share our poster we made that week with each other – though usually it’s made that day, and sometimes not made until Monday or Tuesday.

Here is mine from this week (today)! I made it while watching a Skillshare class on book cover design.

Cold Brew packaing

I spent much of the day working on this.

A new cold brew label for Interval Coffee – where I’m now running graphics and rebrand.
It’s a fun gig. I get to do a lot of stuff like this.

I also spent some of the day – though hopefully not as much as other – refreshing and watching the divide in Georgia and Pennsylvania shrink. It is now tied 49.4% each in Georgia, and President Trump is only up 0.4% is Penn.
Wild stuff. This is all wild stuff.

I’m finally watching West Wing for the first time in a month, and then I’m going to bed. Huzzah.

Graphic design process

In the spirit of showing some of the process of my work… here is a snapshot in Adobe Illustrator of a project I’m working on for a favorite local coffee shop. I’m in the initial stages of recreating all their coffee bag labels, as well as rebranding the shop as a whole – new logo, new merchandise, new feel.

This project specifically is a fun one because I like the shop, I like the staff and I like the owner a lot. Usually, the first step is figuring out overarching brand identity – but due to extenuating circumstances, we are having to rush through a label design for the coffee bags before solidly grounding the design language for the shop as a whole.

It’s alright, we’ll get it all done – but this can lead to some mismatched design language later on if what we land on for brand feel does not match the bags we already created.

Time seems to slip by like water these days.