Cherish the Vase

I brought this Instagram post up with my sister Theresa today during a conversation about time and ambition we were having across her kitchen island.

After looking at it for a minute, she finally said “I think there’s such a fine balance between cherishing time and worshipping it.”

We can, and should, work to cherish the time we have on earth. The one truly limited resource all humans contend with in the same way. But Theresa was right – the idea of utilizing our time to the utmost extreme can be a mindset that infects and permeates every waking moment. To a point that the incessant thought of saving time could be the thing that causes us to lose it.

Let’s cherish our time. Value it, guard it. But when we worship our time, we set it up on a pedestal like an ornate vase that now stands empty for fear that it might break or be lost. We bask in its beauty without truly experiencing it or filling it with that which matters.

Let’s fill our vases and cherish our time.