Places and Spaces

I’ve found recently that I have deep love for places… For scenery and spaces and views. For picturesque moments in movies that allows the viewer to breathe in the sights, uninterrupted for a few seconds – for photographs of squat little cottages and lighthouses. One of the sources that singularly feeds this love is a stunning, crowd-sourced Instagram account called Accidentally Wes Anderson.

One of the things I find most enchanting in places are the colors. That is, more often the not, what separates a beautiful picture from others for me. The unification and clarity of color.
Here is an example of this idea, a photo I took just outside my apartment a few days ago, as the sun dipped past the horizon.

This photo is a wash of pinks of hazy blues. The light and color are what make this ordinary view – one that I see every day – so special. It is these rare moments of color that can so often inspire normally unseen beauty in every day places.

Here are some screen shots of my Places to Draw Pinterest board.

Each one of these pictures is enchanting and beautiful. To me at least.

There are two things I feel inspired to do when looking at these photos…

1. Practice practice practice my writing – so as to be able to describe and paint a picture in words that matches the beauty I see in these images.
2. Work to find the story… I believe each and every one of these images has it’s own story to tell. That story will be different to everyone who looks at them, but I want to challenge myself to take an image of a place – or a car or a kitchen or a person – and find the story within the image. To draw it out. To craft a tale around a single moment… captured in time forever.

I’ve set myself the challenge. Now I’ve got to follow though.