Saying no?

I take on a lot of projects.

I’ve taken on a lot of projects.

I’m excited for all these projects.

This blog is one of them.
It is not difficult for me to say no to things in general – I’m a fairly forceful and strong-willed person. I’m confident in a frank and deliberate “no,” even occasionally to the detriment of others.
But it is much more difficult for me to turn down work that excites me. Projects that pay, projects with people I admire, projects right up my alley & right in my field. These are a difficult “no.”
I’m excited to work on these projects, and excited to finish these projects, and excited to have done them. But right now, tonight, I’m feeling the impending weight looking forward to many months that look fuller than the last several.

It is indeed a lot of projects.

And they will hopefully lead to more.

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