Pride and Prejudice

I finally, ages too late, sat down and watched Joe Wright’s Pride and Prejudice, starring Keira Knightley.

It was quite fantastic – most breathtaking of all was the cinematography and the score. Both were unbelievably exquisite, and nearly every shoot had a moment of grandeur. There are a hundred stills from this movie I’d like printed at poster size and tacked to my wall.

There were certainly pieces I did not fancy as much as others. Some of the camera movements seemed gimmicky, and the pace certainly did take a little patience in places; but overall this film was gorgeous and I highly recommend it to all.

The world that they build in the costuming, production design, framing and direction had such texture and life – it all felt so tangible. Plus it rained several times, and I love it when it rains on screen… A beautiful film – 9/10.

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