American Flags

Today, the 2020 Presidential Election was called for Joe Biden and Kamala Harris – and tonight the President and Vice Presidents Elects addressed the nation together in victory.

Watching their speeches tonight, the thing that struck me the most, though, was not the words or the sentiment – it was something in the crowd.

The American flag was being waved and displayed and worn by nearly everyone one in the drive-in audience. That is what I noticed.

Over the last several months, and even the last couple years, the divide in our nation’s politics has gone so far as to affect the pride in the nation’s symbol and status. The America flag has come to be a divisive symbol for many in 2020. It has been seen as representing a side of America that is, for many, been led and antagonized by President Trump – a side of America that is not very inclusive or kind or considerate. And so, for many, the symbol of America laid into simple stripes and stars, has been one that they do not fully support or stand behind.

People have taken their American flags down over the last year. Not due to a lack of patriotism for the ideals of this country, but because of those people they perceive are taking advantage of those ideals for their personal gain or agenda. Agree with this reasoning or not… the American flag has come to stand for more than just a country.

Tonight though, with a new shift in government and a new face of America just around the corner, the America flag was once again being waived proudly by those in this Democratic crowd.

I just thought the shift was interesting.

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