Repetition and routine make choosing easier.

If you know you’re going to go out for dinner again next week, it’s easier to try that new taco place down the street today instead of the old favorite. If you don’t like the new taco place, you can go back to Portillo’s next Friday, no problem.

Taking an online course every day means I don’t have to struggle to choose which course I should take next. Which would give the most value? It doesn’t matter. Even if I don’t get a ton of value out of today’s, I know I’ll be doing it all again tomorrow. At which point I can try something new, and maybe get value there.

Posting something here every day means not every post is going to be good. And it not every one needs to be good. Of course, I strive to bring value and interest every day. I can’t let repetition be a crutch for laziness. But I do know that if I’m having a rough day or week of posts, I’ll always have tomorrow or next week to try again.

Until I decide to break the routine.

I feel like it’s been a rough week of posts. This is just a reassurance to myself…

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