The Falcon

I’m sort of on a bird kick right now.

I think Falcons are fascinating. There are very few predators that are at such a peak evolutionary level of perfection as the Falcon. It’s just a marvel. Falcons can hit their pray at 240 mph. That’s more than double the top speed of a Bald Eagle.

Now, that being said… I’d really love to see or write a story of a Falcon who is just in a mid-life crisis. Who has such little self worth, while at the same time being this unbelievable specimen of predatory power. An unconfident Falcon. I love that paradox. Just like a kind and loving Raven… it just seems wrong.

But people prove us wrong all the time, so why shouldn’t birds do it too?

One Reply to “The Falcon”

  1. Please do this sometime. One direction idea (take or leave): you could make it into a Gideon-esque story – down-and-out family of cast-out or mediocre falcons and then the protagonist, on a mediocre/scaredy-cat trajectory of his own, suddenly is faced with a crisis or choice to change the narrative for him.


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