Characters from Milwaukee

Standing in a gas station next to a white van, long blonde hair and a beard. A Burley face. Really wide shoulders a tight long sleeve black shirt, with a contracting company printed on the back. But wearing extremely tight feminine jeans, and tall black boots. His body looks like a triangle.

Lewis worked at an auto dealership. He wore an extremely large felt gray pea coat, and had a very small head. Circular. He was very apologetic.

Tall, with a short scruffy beard, squeaky voice and warm demeanor. He wore his flannel shirts tucked into his black jeans. On the table next to him, as he got ready to go, sat a thick, canvas roll of tools held by 2 sturdy straps, with a black felt fiddler cap laying on top. The kitchen chair held a black violin case and a large black pea coat flung across the back. A lunch box sat on the table, next to the stark, bare wooden body of a violin in the making.

A small toddler, in his winter hat, coat and mittens, cheering excitedly each time his father split a log on the pile with his axe. “oooooo!” He said, throwing both hands straight in the air.

An elderly man crossing the street with a black balaclava on. Walking with his walker, upon which sat a small dog, maybe a terrier, wearing a green and red flannel fuzzy jacket.

A man in a mask, wearing a long black pea coat over a navy hoodie. Hood up, black top hat on over it. A long, loosely wrapped bright red, yellow and green striped scarf.

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  1. Ooh, I love this. I almost want fewer and more fleshed-out, like maybe your imaginings of what they’re like or up to at the moment. Reading this I felt like I was drinking hot chocolate that’s too rich – I loved it but couldn’t appreciate it fully.

    I loved the first one. And the toddler one.


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