Writer’s legacy

This afternoon I was listening to an NFL podcast. At the top of the show, before getting into the normal swing of things, the host took a few minutes to give a tribute to a fellow sports writer that had just passed away the week before recording. At the end of it, he said “I loved him. I loved reading him.”

It struck me – that in a world of sports writers, the columns become the people. The words and paragraphs shape the personality and perception of the individual behind them. I think we do this subconsciously every day, but I’d never heard the idea stated so clearly and frankly. I loved reading him. The writer was made up of his words. He was his writing. That was his legacy and his being.

When I think about musicians or directors or artists, their work becomes their personality in my mind.

I wonder if my perception matches their reality.

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  1. Ooh!! Yes. I love this. This is so good.

    It makes me think of the artists that maybe had one big hit song or a mainstream persona but felt gilted by their fans that weren’t interested in listening to their less-popular stuff; the stuff where they really poured their heart out. I wonder how this dynamic contributes or explains that circumstance.

    This is a great musing to chew on.


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