After Effects animation practice

Here’s another animation I made today. It started as a simple exercise, playing with the tool that allows you to turn one shape into another. I was just seeing what it looked like to turn a circle into a triangle, then I kept going and it turned into this…

A work day at home

I spent the day working at my small round, white kitchen table, then the evening working on my couch. Different projects here and there – but the evening was dedicated entirely to posters and personal work (though I had not planned to work on personal poster projects for 5+ hours today).

I made another animation today! It was really fun to play around with the “squeeze” and “stretch” effect on the bun during its bounce – a key foundational aspect of 2D animation.

This week’s design challenge is a poster that incorporates an element made in a 3D software… I don’t like 3D software. I’m trying to figure out a way to blend an element of 3D with my normal 2D style, like seen in this sketch. The concept is a mailman in the 2D world very confused at this 3D package.


A poster that moves!

I made a moving poster! It was very fun.

I also started an illustration of a radio-booth.

And made a matchbox from Middle Earth.

But that’s all.

I’m currently watching ‘Pretend it’s a city’ on Netflix, and it’s great.
Fran Lebowitz, who the show is about, talked about the greatness of musicians. ‘Musicians and chefs, of any body in the world, probably bring the most joy to people. Nobody loves artists like they love musicians.’