Stop talking small

Yesterday, I finished Malcolm Gladwell’s wonderfully enjoyable MasterClass.
Today, I started David Sedaris‘ MasterClass.

I hadn’t read any of Sedaris’ work until starting the first volume of his published diaries, Theft by Finding, last week.

One of the things he talks about in the first section of his class is the abolishment of small talk in his own life, specifically in the questions he asks. Instead of asking “how are you?” Or “how is your day?” He’ll ask questions like… “when was the last time you pet a monkey?” This is an actual questioned he asked a stranger – and it led to them both going to a center where they train monkeys to assist people who are paralyzed.

I thought I’d come up with some questions as well…

1. When was the last time you went to the aquarium?
2. Have you ever hit an animal on the road?
3. When was the last time you helped someone move?
4. Where do you like to shop most?
5. Do you know any blacksmiths?
6. What’s the movie you go back to again and again?
7. Have you ever gone scuba diving?
8. Did you ever finish a book in one sitting?
9. What’s something you wish you had more time for?
10. When was the last time you pet a monkey?

Use these at your leisure. Stop talking small.