Pretend It’s a City

This is author Fran Lebowitz. She hates the world.

What’s fascinating about Fran and her dismal outlook on life is the joy that she brings to others through her fickle hatred for the commonplace pieces of life. Through her vocal distaste of the news, smartphones, traffic, humans in general – she is able to bring laughter.

Me and my roommate just finished the new Netflix documentary series, Pretend it’s a City, directed my Martin Scorsese (left). It is a beautifully directed seven hour exploration into the mind of this incredibly witty, pessimistic, short, tack of a woman.

I quite enjoyed it – though I’m not sure exactly why. Fran’s viewpoint and outlook is not one I wish to share. But it was thrilling to see a woman so unapologetically bitter at the world, who bring mirth to countless audiences through that bitterness.

It’s like what Austin Kleon talks about – finding the things that disgust you in the world, and creating things that work to foil those things. Except, in Fran’s case, she finds the things that disgust her in the world and talks about them. And she’s been doing it for 50 years.