The Perfect Desk

Image via Pinterest

Long, long desks give you all the room you need. To lay things out, side by side. A desk that stretches all the way across the room never feels cluttered or mismanaged. Everything has its place. Everything together in one space. With a long, long desk, you’ll finally be able to get that writing done. Room enough to paint again. Your books will be nearer to read, and the light will be just right through the giant windows just above your long, long desk. Then your work will really begin.

That view won’t be distracting. All those things that finally fit comfortably out in the open won’t pull you away from the project at hand.

The perfect office will help you focus, of course. The circumstances just right.

Right now is not the time. You can’t get work done with your calendar empty and desktop cramped. With your friends away and your nights open. Now is not the time.

No. That long, long desk is what you need.

And it will come someday. Sometime. But right now, my desk is much too short to be of any good.