Note to Self

I spent a good portion of the evening writing a series of letters to my future self… To open on my 25th birthday, my 35th birthday, my 50th, 75th and, if I happen to make it, my 100th birthdays.

It was an incredibly interesting exercise, and I’m sure I will find an immense joy in reading them many years from now. I have decided to keep the pages in tact in my notebook, and add to the notes in the days to come.

I’m constantly afraid of losing opportunities for projects like this… for losing the past. This was an opportunity to capture a moment, however roughly, for a future self to look back on. I hope it’s enough.

One Reply to “Note to Self”

  1. That’s cool that you’ll keep them open and available to add to – I’ve not heard of that being done for these types of time-capsule projects. I usually think of them as set-and-forget endeavors. It’s an interesting dynamic shift to consider. I’m excited for your 25th, 35th, 50th, 75th, and 100th-year selves.


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